Bring your vehicle for a new door window after a break-in or a new windshield after a collision. Auto Art offers windshield and auto glass replacement services. We’ll custom cut and replace any windows (OEM or Aftermarket), tint windows, and add rubber weatherstripping.

Windshield Replacement Process

  • Auto Art’s technician will remove the old windshield.
  • Then, we insert a new windshield, securing and sealing it with premium adhesive.
  • If there’s any broken glass in the interior, it will be removed.
  • Then, you are on your way with brand new windows!

Side Window Replacement Process

  • Our experienced specialists will survey the damage.
  • Then, we remove the door panel to take out any remaining glass.
  • Next, we install a brand new side window.
  • Auto Art always performs tests to make sure the window functions normally.
  • After everything is properly working, we replace the door panel.
  • Finally, we remove any shards of glass found in the car’s interior.

Additional Auto Glass Replacement Services

We’ll replace all windows including:

  • Windshield
  • Door Glass
  • Rear Glass
  • Vent
  • Quarter Glass
  • Back Glass

During auto glass replacement, we ensure all functions are fully restored including defrosting capabilities.

We Work with Your Insurance

Depending on circumstances, your insurance may pay for your auto glass replacement. Auto Art will handle all of the paperwork and phone calls with the adjusters and insurance company representatives.